Frequently Asked Questions

The right stair contractor can ensure that you are given tailored additions for your property that enable better accessibility at cost-effective price points. At SD Stairs And Handrails, we believe in being as transparent as possible with our customers. On this page, we have made sure that clients can get details and insights from the queries that we have addressed. However, if you believe what you needed was not found on this page, then simply reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. We always enjoy working with valued clients across the entire Queens, NY area.

What are the perks of wooden stairs?

If you have wooden stairs built by a staircase builder with the right experience and expertise, then you can get superior accessibility, ease of repair as well as a great visual addition that is hard to duplicate. Solid wooden stairs are timeless and, if well-kept, make a great aesthetic addition to any given space with minimal investment.

What are the factors to consider while building stairs?

Among the most prominent factors that one must keep in mind before getting new stairs installed is finding the right stair company. This can make all the difference in terms of the offers as well as the overall approaches that will be adopted. Professionals can ensure that all your queries and requirements are addressed with relative ease without raising any cause for concern.

Are metal stairs better?

If you are looking for new metal stairs, there are a few factors that one must keep in mind. Hiring the right staircase expert is among the highest factors on this list. Another point would be that metallic stairs, if not maintained properly, can start to rust and develop faults that are relatively harder to fix.

How to get the stairs repaired?

To make sure that you are getting adequate fixes one can rely on a staircase expert that also deals with stair railing and has the right set of skills and training to deliver truly exceptional results. Professionals with experience can make sure that the final results are up to par with your preferences and industry standards.

How experienced are you?

As professionals in this industry, we have more than 4 years of intricate hands-on experience and make sure that the customers that we are serving are never worried about the standards the results that we provide. We make the most of our knowledge and experience every time we take on a project.

After you’ve gone through this page, we hope that you are confident about hiring us for all your future requirements. If, however, you believe that there are still a few factors that you would like addressed or believe that there are certain things that we have not covered on this page, then simply reach out to SD Stairs And Handrails at (718) 210-3243. We will be more than happy to help you with additional insights and more information about how we approach certain projects. We’re happy to be your go-to staircase contractor across Queens, NY.